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Electrical construction is our foundation for success at Holmes Electric. We develop all of our proprietary systems, means, and methods to produce the highest quality and safest work with the best overall value for our clients. We’re proud of our reputation for producing the best quality work in any and every circumstance:

New Construction

Mission Critical Facilities

Tenant Improvement


Low-Voltage & Technology Upgrades


Entertainment Venues

Mixed-Use & Retail



Major Construction

The Holmes Electric major construction team has developed an expertise in Commercial, Residential, Government, Military, Industrial, Medical, Data Centers, Office, Hotels & Recreation, Renovation and Design-Build projects. We work with contracts ranging from fully designed to starting at conception in Design-Build projects. Such projects are extremely complex in their electrical requirements and management demands, but the professionals at Holmes Electric consistently deliver high quality projects on time and on budget. Through continuous education and innovation, we develop the knowledge and tools necessary to best serve our customers in an ever changing technological world.

The major contracts division specializes in larger budget and longer duration projects. Our team works with you to establish a baseline project budget throughout the preconstruction and construction process. From the moment we are awarded a project, we identify project milestones and start planning for a successful project right away. It is essential that materials arrive on time, we identify long-lead items early and work with our vendors to maximize transparency to all project stakeholders and to achieve final delivery to the client. Throughout our projects, we use various tools to help us plan weeks ahead and to identify potential issues early so we can manage risks. We love a project where ‘everyone wins’, this will always be our goal.

We have a range of expertise within our team and pride ourselves on the training and wisdom shared to future company leaders. Our team meets weekly to discuss current projects, systems and their efficiency, and for leadership training. We are constantly sharpening our ability to better meet the needs of our customers and teammates.

Mission Critical

Our experienced Mission Critical Team provides a wide array of services within your Data Center’s mission critical environment. From site development, medium voltage campus distribution systems, communication duct bank infrastructure, complete electrical distribution systems (including DC power plants), emergency power systems, low voltage communications and controls, emergency support services and down to the smallest project like installing a single cabinet if that is what your needs are.

Our ability to deliver world class facilities is possible due to the having over a combined Century of experience within our group deploying Data Center projects from the ground up down to the smallest of projects. Our success is large in part due to early project involvement and our ability to work with you to develop an electrical system that meets current needs as well as understanding what your growth needs are as well. By engaging with us from the start, it allows us to deliver a timely project that not only meets your needs, but exceed your expectations on quality and reliability.

Special Projects & Service

Since 1945, Holmes has built an honest and dependable Service and Special Projects department through building and maintaining strong customer relations.

Continuing in that tradition and recognizing that working in occupied premises demands the highest attention to project schedule and consideration for the tenant, Holmes electrical special projects team emphasizes quick response and customer satisfaction to ensure our impact on tenants is a positive one.

Our highly trained service electricians are ready to meet your electrical needs. Electrical disruptions can grind facility operations to a halt and jeopardize tenant satisfaction. Our preventive maintenance and 24-hour on call emergency repair services provide access to expertise and resources for any planned or emergency maintenance need.

By utilizing an all in one web and mobile-based platform for communications and coordination, Holmes is available to respond to you quickly and efficiently.

Our current crew is excited to continue to carry on the legacy of the Wired Right way.


Since 1988, the Holmes Technologies Group has been well versed in all things low voltage. With our RCDD lead design team, we have the ability to design new building infrastructure or redesign existing systems. Our offerings include structured data cabling, fiber optic cabling (inside and outside plant), access control, CCTV, DAS (public safety and cellular) as well as fire alarm systems.
We are proficient in work with data centers, high-rise office and residential, projects for high tech clients of all types, industrial, health care and warehouse; all ranging from new construction to tenant improvement and service.
Our 06 and NICET licensed union technicians receive annual training to ensure they are up to date and meeting requirements with manufacturer’s certifications, site safety requirements and the ever-changing technology.

Energy Infrastructure

This group specializes in the construction of underground infrastructure, with extensive experience installing Seattle City Light and franchise communication duct bank systems for building services. We offer developers and general contractors UMP & SIP installations at a lower cost and accelerated schedule in the greater Seattle area. Additionally, we specialize in constructing substations (15kV-230kV), underground transmission (115kV) & distribution (15kV-35kV) systems, street lighting and specialized installations at industrial facilities in the Northwest region.