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    Continuing the legacy of three generations in the Pacific Northwest.

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since 1945

Holmes Electric is Pacific Northwest's leading Electrical Contractor. Serving the region since 1945, we implement complete building lifecycles for electrical systems using leading-edge technology and a team that operates on core principles of excellence, dependability, teamwork, and safety. From our business methods to our technological expertise, we do everything Wired Right™.

Our brand is synonymous with the way we conduct business, the way our customers perceive us, and the way our employees perform their responsibilities and define the attributes that differentiate Holmes Electric from other electrical subcontractors.


  • Safety—We are committed to safety management and preventing accidents. Training, constant involvement by our safety team, and exceeding project regulations are a few ways we achieve in this area.
  • Value—We commit to excellent work in every aspect of our projects by working smarter, not harder and are consistently aware of the budget, schedule, and quality.
  • Partnership—Since our beginning in 1945, Holmes has held up a reputation as a strong teammate for any project. We invest in client relationships and aim to exceed expectations. Our goal is to be your top choice and partner.
  • Ownership—Holmes inspires an owner mentality, in which all employees are encouraged to try new processes, procedures, methods, or techniques, in order to achieve lower costs and greater productivity. Our ability to innovate helps Holmes stay relevant and adapt to our ever-changing industry.

Our Leadership

Mike Holmes joined Holmes Electric in 1984. In an effort to gain insight to the critical functions within the organization, Mike worked in our service, engineering, and estimating departments. Mike founded the Communications/Structured Wiring Division of Holmes Electric to meet the low voltage needs of the growing computerized business environment. His experience helped him develop his corporate supervisory skills. Mike oversees a majority of day-to-day operational functions, including marketing, purchasing, project management, service, estimating, engineering and communications.


Mike Holmes


Art Langlie joined Holmes in 2012 to lead the company growth efforts through business development, recruiting and retention of quality staff, management of process, departmental improvement, and excellence. Art has been involved in the commercial construction industry for more than 20 years in both the general contracting world and particularly the electrical construction industry. He brings overall guidance and management of our strategy, processes, departments, operations, and business development.


Arthur K. Langlie

Executive Vice President

Terry joined Holmes Electric in 2012 overseeing the Mission Critical Division. Terry continues to oversee the Mission Critical Division as well as being Vice President of Operations. His responsibilities not only include day-to-day operations, but also supervising project managers, project engineers, and the financial well-being of the various projects under all the his divisions. With over 30 years of industry experience - specializing in Mission Critical projects, Terry brings focus on design, constructability, and value-added suggestions on each of his projects. His attention to team management, planning, and execution provides continuity throughout preconstruction, construction, and commissioning phases of the project.


Terry McCabe


Greg has been with Holmes since 1998 and has over 30 years’ experience in the electrical industry. During his time at Holmes, he has learned to manage large teams of people on many multi-million dollar projects in all phases of commercial and industrial projects. Greg has earned a solid reputation for his effective and efficient management of fast-tracked construction projects. He currently manages the large projects team and as Vice President of Major Contracts. Greg oversees the supporting teams as well as Estimating, VDC, Low Voltage and Prefabrication departments. This allows for consistency from the beginning of each project all the way to completion.


Greg Sherman

Vice President of Operations

Our History


Jay Holmes was working for Puget Power and had volunteered to teach electricity classes to military personnel. Jay saw great potential in one of his pupils, Gene Richards. The two decided they would go into business together after the war.


Jay and Gene became partners and started Holmes Electric. The company’s humble beginnings were in the basement of Jay and Karmen’s Renton home.


Holmes Electric outgrew its modest basement office and moved to a storefront in Renton.


During the post-war expansion of the 1950s, Holmes was selling and installing the latest “high technology” appliances, which included stoves and refrigerators. People needed new wiring for their new electronic devices, and Holmes became the area leader in electrical services.


Business continued to grow, and Holmes electricians were wiring at least one house a day, in addition to selling and installing appliances.


Developers in the Kent Valley needed wiring for their warehouses and Holmes transitioned from residential work to a focus on commercial construction.


As Holmes Electric continued to expand with the area’s growth, the company moved to a larger facility at 1415 Seneca, in Renton.


Offering commercial electric services throughout Puget Sound, Holmes Electric outgrew its quarters and built a new building at 1422 Raymond in Renton, WA.


Recognizing the growth of telecommunications and data services, Holmes Communications was established to fill the need for structured wiring to the growing computer industry.


Holmes Electric joint ventured with Burke Electric to wire their first high-rise tower project, the prestigious Two Union Square building in downtown Seattle.


Holmes celebrate its first 60 years in business. Jeray Holmes retires. Mike Holmes and Mike Richards continue the tradition.


Holmes relocates to a new, larger facility in Kent, Washington.  The Kent office space allows for more project pre-planning, training and collaboration.  Warehouse and production operations move to Tukwila.  The new pre-fabrication and staging facility increases nearly 3-fold and improved process to more readily meet the growth demands of the organization. 


Holmes Electric is celebrating 70 years of Wired Right by supporting one of the largest construction booms that the Pacific Northwest has ever experienced. Thank you to all of our fantastic employees and construction partners for making this all possible.


We are grateful for our current and future partnerships and strive to exceed your expectations. Holmes Electric stands ready to continue to innovate and improve the built environment one project at a time!